Herbs4YouthHerbal Initiative for youth - bridging the ocean

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"Herbal Initiative for youth - bridging the ocean" (Herbs4Youth on Facebook)

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AGROENEnergize the Agriculture

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"Energize the Agriculture - Young Entrepreneurs for Rural Development", or shortly AGROEN is an Erasmus & CBY project, involving partners from 3 continents. (AGROEN on Facebook)
AGROEN project - more details

YFarmerYouth Organic Farmers Club

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The project consortium identified interesting types for non-formal learning and training in the field of organic farming that will lead to improvement of youth work and their access to the labour market and better self-identification in the society.

STAYSmall Town Active Youth

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The project STAY - Small Town Active Youth - intends to respond to the problem of the depopulation of the smaller towns, especially by young people who move to larger cities for study or work. The project is based on the belief that youth mobility can be an opportunity to strengthen the sense of identity, improve self-esteem and skills, foster dynamic activation and construction opportunities in places of belonging and contributing to the creation of creative job opportunities based on local resources and thus contribute to the development of the community.

The project involves 6 European countries, 8 partners very diverse but all with a common interest in promoting social integration, inclusion, intercultural dialogue and sustainable development. The partners Basilicata Link (IT, applicant), Diyarbakir Cevre ve Kalkinma Dernegi (TR), Intermezzo Ungdomsorganisasjon (NO), Bormla Local Council (MT), Bouillon cube (FR), the City of Irsina and the City of Craco (IT) planned activities ranging from March 2015 to September 2016. The planned activities are:

  1. bilateral youth exchange in France involving 12 young people aged between 13 and 15 (all with fewer opportunities) and 2 leaders for each country. The exchange will take place in July 2016, a duration of 8 days and includes environmental and artistic activity in a French village, and is the result of a host project hosted in Italy (Latronico) in 2014.\
  2. An international seminar (to be held in Slovakia in March 2016) with the participation of 14 youth workers and youth policies makers: during five days of activities participants will analyse the themes of the project: the active participation and the creation of opportunities for young people to remain in their own regions and possible strategies and policies to tackle youth emigration. The seminar will also enable the partners to discuss the next activity, the multilateral exchange.
  3. A multilateral exchange to be held in Italy in August 2016, with the participation of young people between 15 and 18 years (all with fewer opportunities) living in small towns from the six partner countries, whose topics will be starting local initiatives and start-ups that create the conditions for young people to prevent them from leaving small towns.

The project will have an impact on young people and local communities, on the stakeholders and the decision-makers and aims to lay the foundations for a long-term strategy based on networking and the exchange of good practices to reduce the depopulation of small towns, promote full leadership of the youth and the revival of small towns through sustainable development patterns.

Herbal Initiative for Youth

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Nature has been a source of medicinal agents for thousands of years, since healing with the plants dates back probably to the evolution of Homo sapiens. Nowadays, apart of the pharmaceutical industry the medical and aromatic plants (MAPs) became important source for food and feed production (food and feed additives) in the cosmetic industry, balneology and mineral therapy and homeopathy all over the world. Medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) are offered in a wide variety of products on the market such as:

plant extracts, traditional herbal medicines, pharmaceuticals, homeopathic, medicinal and herbal teas, dietary supplements, spices and culinary herbs, fragrances and perfumes, cosmetics and body care, food and beverage, food ingredients, aromas and essences, colouring/dye agents, etc.The enormous demand in herbs results in a huge trade on international level, while based on the survey prepared by the project partners (11/2014) the production and export of the MAPs and final products to EU from Costa Rica, Brasil and Jamaica is very limited.The project applicant would like to transfer the know – how recently developed by the consortium from EU countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Spain) consisted of NGO working with Youth, 2 Universities, Technology Center and Research Institute and to introduce innovative educational and training methods including Open Education Resource with 3 educational chapters Collection/Cultivation/Processing and on-line monitoring system within the herbal incubators in the partner countries – Costa Rica, Brasil and Jamaica for youth in poverty.

The project’s aims is to increase capacities of the entities from Costa-Rica, Brazil and Jamaica for vocational education, training and quality in the work with Youth in the field of collection, cultivation and processing the medicinal and aromatic plants and to increase mobility for workers with Youth into the Project partner countries.

Among the targets is development of the Open Educational Resource with sophisticated training forms and professionalized herb processing methods in order to introduce innovative production of herbal products by Youth and organisations working with Youth and such support their entrepreneurship of Youth and organisations working with Youth.

The mobility of workers with Youth from EU countries to selected Latin America countries will increase the capacities of the partner organisations working with Youth and their involvement into the Fair Trade network and also the mobility participants from EU countries will bring the expertise in the fields of Youth work and Herb cultivation and processing from this specific countries with wide range of plant variety. In order to support the partners capacities the Regional Strategy Platform meetings in Partner countries and Networking meetings in Spain will be organized where the Youth production and the “Herb Fair Trade” principles will be promoted.