NGO found in Bratislava, Slovak Republic in 2003.

Group of activists at various fields primarly focused on the environment protection, green transport, renewable energy sources, sport activities in the nature and cultivation and processing of herbs.

Our mission is to mobilize different sectors in a global effort to educate people about environmental issues and inspire them into action. We continue to influence how the public receives environmental information and promote public opinions for authorities.

To achieve this goal, we collaborate with other environmentalists, local communities, marginal groups, research and development entities, universities and with government bodies, we encourage sustainable use of new types of green transport, renewable energy sources, cultivation and usage of herbs, we support fairtrade principles and work closely with environmentally responsible corporations.

We put emphasis on sustainable energy usage, resource conservation, recycling and lower emmisions.


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Team/Key Persons

Ing. Gabriel Adamek - Director
Tel: ++ 421 908937711

Peter Celer - Project Coordinator for Renewable Energies, Transport and Herbs

Habil. Prof. Dr. Máthé Ákos, CSc, PhD, DSc, - Project Expert
graduated from the University of Horticulture, Budapest where he majored in Medicinal Plant Production.
Expertice include:
- trading of medicinal and aromatic plants at MEDIMPEX Foreign Trade Company, Budapest
- R+D in medicinal plant production, domestication, at HERBÁRIA Cooperative Enterprice, Budapest
- Research in MAPs, Research Insitute of Medicinal Plants, Budakalász
- lecturing and research in horticultural crops (incl. domestication, ecophysiological research, in vitro multiplication) at University of Horticulture (Presently: Corvinus University), Budapest
- domestication and ecophysiological research of medicinal and aromatic plants at University of West Hungary, Facultry of Agriculture and Food Science, Mosonmagyaróvár
Internationally recognized expert in MAPs, Chair of the Section Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the International Society for Horticultural Science, President of the International Council of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Lecturing in various MAP related subjects both in Hungary and as a visitin professor, at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Botany, Vienna, and Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Massachussetts, Amherst (USA)
Fulbright grantee in 1986, UC Davis, Purdue University, Research on Modern methods of genetic fingerprinting of horticultural crops, 1995, UMASS, Amherst, lectures on the Biology and cultivation of medicinal plants
FAO courses (two) in Antalya, Turkey, on MAP prodcution and domestication
Coordinator of the FAO Network ESCORENA MAPs
Frequent speaker at international conferences, China, Turkey, USA, Indonesia, Australia, etc.

Ing. Jan Obuch, PhD. - Expert in herb cultivation and processing


NGO No Gravity cooperates with wide range of entities on local and international level in order to support sustainable usage of Renewable Sources , to decrease emmissions from transport in our cities and to bring selfemployment to marginal groups and individuals through cultivation of medicinal and aromatic herbs and also bring herbs and innovative herbal products on our tables through the HerbAidFairTradeNet .

Renewable Energy:


Herbs / Organic Farming: