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Primar goal of the HerbAid Project is to include low-income groups of citizens, people in poverty, marginal groups, people in rural areas an gather local/regional communities into the herbs cultivation and processing into innovative final products and following distribution to the customers through the HerbAid FairTrade Network with the FairTrade principles.

Our production - processing centre in Lubietova/Slovakia offers seeds and small herbal plants for our partners/farmers, after harvesting processing (drinks, jams, syrups) and following transport to the customers.

No Gravity team identified the herbs cultivation, and distribution as one of opportunities of the access to income for people in poverty or with low income, teenagers with disadvanteges, socially excluded persons, people in rural areas.

Above mentioned target groups have problems to find job and also with commuting to job and the HerbAid Project is solving both and "delivering" jobs to their hands.

The target groups:

1. people with opportunity to cultivate the herbs on their own/rented land

2. people without access to land - we will negotiate with local municipalities and clerical authorities and will prepare community herb farms for such persons.

The education and training part will be supported by the Project Partner - University of West Hungary, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science. The producers will be educated, trained and mentored during cultivation period.

The Herb Centre will be located in the village of Lubietova (Banska Bystrica county) - one of the cleanest point in Slovakia with the base production-logistical - processing facilities, where the herb plants will be produced (later provided for the herb producers), the herb production will be later processed (drying, cooling, freezing, pressing, packaging and distributing). Major part of the production will be delivered the food industry.

HerbFairTradeNet will cover all producers (later certified Organic) and will identify also their local needs, income from herb sale will be sent to them in monetary form and small part will go to development projects.

Map Ľubietová:

GPS: 48,746025 19,362599